Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wine theme

So I decided back when we got engaged in 2008 that I wanted to go with a wine theme. So I had everyone collect corks for me! I had people bringing me corks every week and I saved them all. I originally was going to use them as the place card holders but then I thought of another idea. I bought small wine bottle candles from the 99 cents store and made labels for them as the place cards.  And I used the some corks in the center vase and to sprinkle on the table.

So then I took the corks and used them as holders for the menus on the tables. I glued 3 corks together (2 in the front and 1 in the back), tied a black ribbon around them and stuck a straight pin through the ribbon and corks to hold it together and put the menus I made in between the corks.
The menus I printed  on cream cardstock with my monogram on top and glued it to black cardstock.

Continuing with the wine theme, I collected large promotional wine bottles from different liquor stores and my cousin who works for a wine distributor was able to get me some too. I used these large wine bottles as the table #s. I printed a label to match the labels I made for the place cards and glued them to the bottles.

As favors, I felt wine would be the best bet. So I made my own labels and used double sided tape to put them on the wine bottles. I then purchased the organza bags to put the bottles in.
I had 7 kids in the bridal party, and 4 other kids invited to the wedding so for the 11 kids there, I made them chocolate covered wine bottles. I bought the wine bottle mold and chocolate and printed the label and glued it on to the clear wrap.. The kids loved them!

For the card box, I had a friend who made wine and was able to get me a wine barrel. It was old looking so I stained it a darker brown and painted the metal around it gold. I bought fake grapes from Michael's and printed my monogram on paper, wripped the edges to look jagged and hot glued it to the wine barrel. I left a slit on the top so we can slip the cards in. It was placed on the table with all the wine bottles surrounding it.

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