Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My videographer and photographer

I absolutely LOVED my videographer and photographer!! They were the most amazing crew of people to work with.
Ricky Restiano was the photographer he is from Bronxville, NY.Check out all the pictures he took...UNBELIEVABLE!

My videographer was Moving Pictures! They are located in Ardsley, NY. Here is a wedding day edit they did that was shown at the reception while everyone was eating. They edited this whole thing in just a few hours and it was AMAZING!

10.10.10 wedding day edit from moving pictures llc on Vimeo.

Candy Buffet

I decided to do a candy bar because I love candy!! So for 2 years I would randomly pick up jars from home goods, christmas tree shop, etc. I then started getting candy that was on sale after certain holidays. I got a lot of wrapped candy this way anything that was left over I was able to use for halloween trick or treaters.  My sister in law was able to set up the candy buffet for me because I was not able to that day. I used my aisle runner as a banner. We cut it right after church and brought it to the reception. I made 2 different topiaries for each side of the table. One was with red gumballs and the other was with mints. I bought the wooden letters in Michael's for "LOVE IS SWEET"  and painted them gold. I had a piece of wood cut and made holes in them to stick the letters in to make the sign at the front of the table. I also bought the wooden #s for 10 10 10 and painted them black and had them sticking out of the candy in the back.
I bought black chinese take out boxes and made circle labels with our monogram and "Love is Sweet" "Thank you for sharing in our special day"
If you are interested in a candy buffet for your wedding, check out

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The ceremony DIY details

My wedding colors were black and gold. So for my programs I bought black slim programs from and then printed my menus on ivory specialty paper. I punched holes in the middle and put ivory ribbon through it hold it all together.

I made some cry packets, also bought  4 3/8 x 5 3/4 clear translucent vellum envelopes and printed right on them. I bought packs of tissues from christmas tree shop with our initial on them and put 4 tissues in each envelope.

My church aisle was 110 feet so to get a runner that I wanted was going to cost me over $400.00 and I couldn't add that into my budget. So I purchased a plain deluxe ivory fabric wedding aisle runner from ebay for $40.00 and printed my monogram out as a banner in a large size, and traced it onto the aisle runner. Then I painted it. I wanted to add some ribbon on the sides. So I purchased the ribbon and had someone sew it on for me. If I could do it again, I would make my mongram bigger and make the C initial  a little darker because the gold came out too light in pictures.

I made my unity candle as well. I purchased 1 pillar candle and 2 taper candles. Printed my monogram on vellum paper and used double sided tape to attach it. I put gold and black ribbon around it as well. I didn't get a good picture of it unfortunately but this was a picture of us lighting it at the church.

I made the cone petals myself and forgot to take a good picture of the whole thing.  Here is the
I just put my monogram on top and folded them into cones.

I made my Here Comes the Bride Banner with 2 yards of ivory fabric I purchased from a craft store. I printed the words on Microsoft Word and enlarged it the size I wanted it on the banner. I traced it first and then painted it with acrylic paint. I then used fabric tape to tape 2" black ribbon around the edges. I painted the rod gold and placed the banner through it. 

Wine theme

So I decided back when we got engaged in 2008 that I wanted to go with a wine theme. So I had everyone collect corks for me! I had people bringing me corks every week and I saved them all. I originally was going to use them as the place card holders but then I thought of another idea. I bought small wine bottle candles from the 99 cents store and made labels for them as the place cards.  And I used the some corks in the center vase and to sprinkle on the table.

So then I took the corks and used them as holders for the menus on the tables. I glued 3 corks together (2 in the front and 1 in the back), tied a black ribbon around them and stuck a straight pin through the ribbon and corks to hold it together and put the menus I made in between the corks.
The menus I printed  on cream cardstock with my monogram on top and glued it to black cardstock.

Continuing with the wine theme, I collected large promotional wine bottles from different liquor stores and my cousin who works for a wine distributor was able to get me some too. I used these large wine bottles as the table #s. I printed a label to match the labels I made for the place cards and glued them to the bottles.

As favors, I felt wine would be the best bet. So I made my own labels and used double sided tape to put them on the wine bottles. I then purchased the organza bags to put the bottles in.
I had 7 kids in the bridal party, and 4 other kids invited to the wedding so for the 11 kids there, I made them chocolate covered wine bottles. I bought the wine bottle mold and chocolate and printed the label and glued it on to the clear wrap.. The kids loved them!

For the card box, I had a friend who made wine and was able to get me a wine barrel. It was old looking so I stained it a darker brown and painted the metal around it gold. I bought fake grapes from Michael's and printed my monogram on paper, wripped the edges to look jagged and hot glued it to the wine barrel. I left a slit on the top so we can slip the cards in. It was placed on the table with all the wine bottles surrounding it.