Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The ceremony DIY details

My wedding colors were black and gold. So for my programs I bought black slim programs from and then printed my menus on ivory specialty paper. I punched holes in the middle and put ivory ribbon through it hold it all together.

I made some cry packets, also bought  4 3/8 x 5 3/4 clear translucent vellum envelopes and printed right on them. I bought packs of tissues from christmas tree shop with our initial on them and put 4 tissues in each envelope.

My church aisle was 110 feet so to get a runner that I wanted was going to cost me over $400.00 and I couldn't add that into my budget. So I purchased a plain deluxe ivory fabric wedding aisle runner from ebay for $40.00 and printed my monogram out as a banner in a large size, and traced it onto the aisle runner. Then I painted it. I wanted to add some ribbon on the sides. So I purchased the ribbon and had someone sew it on for me. If I could do it again, I would make my mongram bigger and make the C initial  a little darker because the gold came out too light in pictures.

I made my unity candle as well. I purchased 1 pillar candle and 2 taper candles. Printed my monogram on vellum paper and used double sided tape to attach it. I put gold and black ribbon around it as well. I didn't get a good picture of it unfortunately but this was a picture of us lighting it at the church.

I made the cone petals myself and forgot to take a good picture of the whole thing.  Here is the
I just put my monogram on top and folded them into cones.

I made my Here Comes the Bride Banner with 2 yards of ivory fabric I purchased from a craft store. I printed the words on Microsoft Word and enlarged it the size I wanted it on the banner. I traced it first and then painted it with acrylic paint. I then used fabric tape to tape 2" black ribbon around the edges. I painted the rod gold and placed the banner through it. 

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